Monday, July 15, 2013

Machine Embroidery Club

I've had two general classroom lessons on my new Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000.  

This morning I went to my first monthly Embroidery Club meeting at my local sewing/vac store. 

There's a lot to drag to the club.  
Luckily the sewing machine has a wheeled case.  

There's a separate zippered and cushioned case for the embroidery arm.  

Then a zippered case that holds all the different size embroidery hoops.  

And finally a good sized tote to hold all the miscellaneous items (i.e., thread, needles, pins, thumb drive, attachments and accessories).  

During the summer months the club classes aren't structured so each member works on their own project. 

Not knowing this I didn't bring any fabric or stabilizer with me so I had to buy some muslim fabric and another roll of stabilizer.

My new turquoise tote bag, bought at a recent "31 Party", is perfect for storing and carrying all my miscellaneous sewing items to class. 

I decided to do a red work Christmas table runner as my project. 

So I worked on some Christmas red work designs.

 My thread kept breaking on the first three designs.  

I couldn't figure it out because I had a new needle and new bobbin in the machine.  

The instructor, Dianne, noticed my bobbin was in backwards.  Duh!  

I corrected that but still had thread breakage.  

Finally Dianne suggested changing the needle.  

I guess even new needles can be defective.

With that simple correction the fourth design stitched up beautifully.  

By then the three hour session was over and I packed up all my gear and texted Hubby to come and get me because I was hungry!

It was a fun class and I enjoyed walking around and talking to the other ladies and seeing what they were working on. 

Most of the women had Brother or Viking embroidery machines - no one had a Janome. 

Four designs so far.  

I don't know if I can do it, but I thought it would be neat to have one side of the table runner be Christmas designs in red work and the other side non-Christmas designs in blue work.  

Anyway that's my plan.

It was a good day to be indoors it reached a hot, humid high of 94 degrees today.  

The whole week will be in the middle to high 90's with no rain forecasted.  

Speaking of the weather, Hubby and I downloaded a new alarm/weather Disney app to our iPhones "Wake Up Disney" (price 99 cents) featuring the wonderful Donald Duck. 

It is so cute and if you have kids they will love it.  

Heck we love it!  

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing your machine in action - so fascinating to me.