Saturday, July 27, 2013

Keep On Biking

Do you like to bike

I do!

Unfortunately I haven't rode my bike much in the past ten years.   

Recently I got the bee under my bonnet to ride again. 

Use it or lose it.   

I asked nagged Hubby all summer to get our bikes out of the shed and air up the tires. 

Finally he did this month.  

Our mountain bikes are over twenty years old but still in good shape (unlike us).  

Very old bike seats!

Hubby and I went bike shopping to see if we wanted to get new bikes.  

We looked at "comfort" bikes and "hybrid" bikes and I saw two bikes in beautiful powder blue and turquoise that I loved.  

After some thought we decided to fix up our current bikes with new "comfort" seats and new bike handles.  

Use what we already have and see how serious we are about riding. 

My new gel "comfort" bike seat and new handles.

Now we don't plan to ride marathons but we would like to be able to take short bikes rides. 

Maybe take our bikes with us on our camping trips and down to Ft. Wilderness (Walt Disney World). 

At our ages (60s) we know getting back in shape will take time.  

For now we are riding on our street (dead end cul de sac) and around our neighborhood - short loops because we do have slight hilly inclines here in SE PA.  

We are taking it easy and slowly working on our endurance.   

I've loaded a bike app on my iPhone "Map My Ride" to keep track of my riding distance and progress.

I mentioned to my doctor we were bike riding and he said that it is good exercise but don't depend on it for losing weight.  

He stressed we should continue to count calories and limit our food intake for further weight lost.  

I've lost quite a bit of weight counting calories the last two years (yippee!) but I did gain a few pounds back (darn!).  

 I just wish it was as easy to lose it as it is to gain it.  

I never was heavy as a child or young adult, in fact I was on the skinny side.   

I was more fussy about food then - I only liked my Mom's cooking.  

And we didn't have dessert or sweets in the house except maybe on Sundays.

So I'm going to keep trying to get my weight down.  

And who knows... biking may help and if not... it's still fun and makes me feel like a kid again.  

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  1. Please, do a couple of laps for me. I'm to lazy to do it myself.

    You have given me inspiration. I think I'll drag out my bike and see if it is fixable.

  2. Go for it Sandy. I need to be inspired.

  3. Use it or lose it. I feel like I am losing it as it hurts too much to use it....I doubt I can ride a bike again, unless it is stationary. But more power to you and Jeff. I think it is great that you are feeling this inspired. I am looking for a bike, actually, broken is fine. I want it for garden art. ;-) xo

  4. Great post - good for you. How inspiring. I LOVE to bike ride. I could do it everyday if I had the time. I wish I made more of an effort to do that.

    I have, however, started a 5K running program. I need to do a blog post on that. Thanks for giving me a reminder.

  5. Okay, you've inspired me. Time to get out the bikes, although I will have to use my daughter's. Thank you. I enjoy reading your blog.

  6. Keep up the cycling Sandy and do a few for me. As for weight loss my hubby keeps saying he is the perfect weight it is height that is wrong.