Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lace Embroidery Anyone?

Last week I had another embroidery class. 

This time we are sewing LACE! 

I arrived to find out it was a small class with just me and one other lady and the instructor.  

We were told to pre-wind two to three bobbins with rayon embroidery thread in a color of our choice.  So I picked a bright blue and, of course, ran out of thread after winding my bobbins.  

The instructor helped me pick out a matching embroidery thread for our class and I had to get Wet n' Gone stabilizer (water solvable) too.

I didn't need any fabric for this particular lace design.

I chose a small butterfly as my first lace design to practice and also to make sure it was a "true" lace design.   

It is tiny...under 2 inches. 

For my second design I picked a triangle shape that could be used as an insert on a v-shaped tee. 

It took over 60 minutes to stitch out.  

A lot of thread is used on lace designs. 

There is no fabric base, but I did use two layers of the stabilizer, rather the base is just stitches built upon each other to form the foundation.

I wasn't sure if I would like "lace" embroidery but I have to admit by the end of the class I did.  

The instructor had a book filled with all the different lace designs one could sew and lots of samples of ones she stitched up.

I particularly liked the lace designs that fit over Christmas ornaments (photo here).

The lace embroidery design turned out beautifully.  

I may use it as an insert on this little Disney Mickey sun dress that I have pinned together now. 

Once I tack it on the instructor said to wash the clothing article to get the rest of the stabilizer out of the lace design.  

It will help to soften it up so it's not too stiff.

I embroidered another little cosmetic bag for my shampoo girl.  

She admired my cosmetic bag last time I had my hair done and asked if she could buy one. 

So I decided to make one to give to her.  

I hope she likes it. 

Isn't this the cutest ruffled stool?

Wish I had a stool so I could sew one up.

Have a lovely weekend dear readers!  
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  1. You are moving right along and learning so quickly. Very cool to see this. Thank you.

  2. The make-up bag is adorable. I wish I could sew! The ruffles on the stool are really cute! I wish my daughter had some for her apartment!