Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Christmas Tree Hugger Pillow Cover

My sewing store has offered "Christmas in July" sewing sessions.

I couldn't pass them up!  

You know how I love Christmas

This session we appliquéd three simple trees to white cloth background.  

Then I added ribbon embellishment and red piping. 

I goofed sewing my "Merry Christmas" the first time.  

I didn't have the fabric tight in the hoop and it shifted and messed up the stitching.  

I saved the project by appliquéing another tree in the center of the red tree with decorative stitching  - thus covering up my "mistake" very nicely. 

I moved the "Merry Christmas" lettering down on the trees on my second try and made sure the fabric was tight in the hoop.  

I actually like the results!

Now I have a cute Christmas pillow cover!

And it's removable.

On the crocheting front I'm still fussing around with patterns and colors for the throw for my sister-in-law. 

I started a throw but I'm just not happy with the colors (trying to use yarns from my stash).

I may have found my inspiration as far as yarn colors but it means I have to buy more yarn because I don't have the colors on hand.   

But I've learned it just too much work to not be happy with one's pattern, stitching and colors when working on a large project like an afghan.

I'll share more on that project later.  

Have a lovely day dear readers!  

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  1. It's very cute. You're smart to do Christmas stuff now, and I know how much you love Christmas! I think I'd just go ahead and leave it out until December and enjoy it.

  2. You always make me want to start sewing. Love the Christmas trees and especially like how you covered up the mistake. Good one!

  3. Hi Sandy-
    that is just the cutest Christmas Pillow. I feel like a tree hugger lately-- what with all our trees being cut down. It makes me sad sometimes...but it's already improving back there, and I like seeing the cows! I love the Merry Christmas, and think you did a fabulous job on the 'save' after the mix up.

  4. Hi Sandy, you are looking way too close . . . what I see is a darn cute pillow.
    Great job and way to have a jump on Christmas :)
    Have a fun week . . . Connie :)

  5. I love the pillow. I am such a sucker for Christmas crafts.