Sunday, August 18, 2013

Oh My...Ten Years Is Too Long!

The camp store was filled with "bear" items.

Can you believe it had been ten years since we have camped with my Hubby's twin brothers!

Our campground.

Way too long!

We met up at Bear Run Campground in western Pennsylvania.   

Hugged by a bear!

Hubby's twin brothers are eight years younger and they are still working full-time jobs.  

Busy lives!

So it is difficult for everyone to get time off together.

Our site and little travel van.

Plus one twin brother has three natural grandchildren and one step grandchild.  

The grandbabies are keeping them hopping...and they love it!  

But, they needed a break and managed to get away for a few days.  

Hubby's brother arriving.

We arrived first at the campground last Sunday afternoon and set up camp trying to find a level gravel/grass spot for, "Little Guy", our travel van, 

,,,saving the nice leveled paved site for Keith and Jane's travel trailer and truck. 

Me and my sister-in-law, Jane.

Hubby and his brother, Keith.

Monday we drove an hour and a half to visit Hubby's cousin, Carol.   

Keith, Carol and Hubby.

Carol is the sweetest lady who happens to be a gifted artist and quilter.  

One of Carol's beautiful quilted table runners.

Her quilts have won ribbons at quilt shows.  

And, boy, can this woman draw and paint.  

Carol painted this for her uncle when she was only 19 years old!

While visiting Carol I noticed she had a beautiful wildlife scene on her walls in her foyer.  

I assumed it was wallpaper. 

Imagine my surprise when Carol asked if we saw the wildlife scenery she painted!  

This is NOT wallpaper!

Jane asked if she penciled in the deer before painting them and Carol said "No".  

 She just painted (with latex paint) the figures and scenery as she went along.  

Could you draw and paint this without drawing it in pencil first?

I couldn't!

 She doesn't even realize how talented she is and that most people can't do this.

No clue at all!! and wow!

Isn't this just stunning!

I asked Carol if she would come visit us for a month.

But she didn't get the hint.

The other wall.

After visiting with Carol we drove over to another cousin's farm and had supper with a bunch of  cousins.  

Now I should mention that Carol had fixed delicious sloppy joe sandwiches and strawberry shortcake for dessert for us for lunch.  

Carol's black lab, "Cash", named after "the man in black", never tired of playing ball.  

 So...we were pleased we managed to keep a straight face when Hubby's other cousin called us to supper and served guessed it... sloppy joes!  

And when she  asked who wanted strawberry shortcake for dessert we didn't say a word or crack a smile.  

We had a good laugh later though about the duplicate meals but really we didn't mind because it's one of our favorite meals and desserts.  

 The kicker is I had bought hamburger to make sloppy joes for one of our camping meals.  

Needless to say we skipped having sloppy joes for a third time!  


Me and the cutest little horse.

After supper we went across the road to the barn to see and feed the horses.  

They all came out of the barn to eat.

This is a real treat for a city gal like me.  

Hubby's uncle raised Appaloosas horses on his farm for many years before he passed.  

Me giving "Ollie" a treat.

There are a few horses left on the farm including, "Ollie", a miniature horse. 

Niko petting one of his horses.

I caught myself saying "pretty" as the horses approached me...but as they got closer I changed to saying...

 "pretty... B.I.G!"

Trying not to act nervous as the BIG horses came nearer.  

I have always loved horses but more by worshiping them from afar.  

Lovely...they really are beautiful animals.  

What about you?   

Are you a horse lover?

I had never seen a life-size horse on top of a barn before!

This barn was by our campground.  

 We had a wonderful surprise greeting us when we returned to the campground.  

Hubby's other brother, Kevin, drove up to join us.  

He stayed at a deluxe cabin with his own bathroom, kitchen, cable TV and WiFi. 

We tried to not be jealous.   

We huddled around the campfire and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores and laughed and talked and just had a great time.

The adventure stay tuned! 

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  1. Oh, I'm sure your trip was wonderful. How funny about the duplicate meals. Who would think? I haven't had a Sloppy Joe in so long! What beautiful horses! I haven't been around many. But they are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  2. Sounds great and it appears you had good weather too. What a nice way to get together. That cousin certainly looks clever !!
    And yes, we had three horses before we mover here. Tony and I used to ride them when we were younger and Sally was very keen too but we could never interest Brett. He was more interested in footballs and cars !!

  3. Sandy, it looks like a wonderful family get together. I wonder if the two cousins spoke beforehand and were mentioning possible meals to serve? That is funny. I would have loved it, too. ;-) The quilt and painting are fantastic. She is a natural talent. I do love horses, but haven't been around them or ridden one in many years, since I was a kid. I would be afraid now, I think. I like Kevin's idea of "glamping". xo