Sunday, August 4, 2013

Brideshead Revisited

Our first view...

through a beautiful Yorkshire daffodil field...

Way off in the distance you can just see Castle Howard...

Do you know why this "castle" is famous?

Other than being one of the world's top ten greatest mansion and grand house?

If you haven't read the novel, Brideshead Revisited, by Evelyn Waugh, then perhaps you have seen one of the two movies based upon her novel?

A fire in 1940 completely destroyed the dome, centre hall and dining room including the famous painting, depicting the "Fall of Phaeton" which decorated the walls and ceilings and were executed by the Italian master, Antonio Pellegrini. 
When Castle Howard's dome crashed to the floor in 1940, not only was this grand architectural feature lost, so too was Antonio Pellegrini's painting, The Fall of Phaeton, which had decorated the underside of the dome since 1792.

The painting we saw during our visit is a replica by the Canadian artist, Scott Medd, who was commissioned by George Howard in 1962 to recreate Pellegrini's original design.  

The first movie was filmed here in 1981 and the second one in 2008.  

I wish you could see this historic castle in person.  

The rooms are filled with the most beautiful artwork, wall murals and antique furniture.   

The image of Vulcan slumbering in his forge is a humorously appropriate subject to decorate the fireplace surround in the Great Hall.

How lucky we were - while on our tour of England/Wales/Scotland - to be able to visit this magnificent mansion and estate on April 26, 2013.
Magnificent Castle Howard

Doesn't this stunning vista take your breath away!

This also where I found and purchased my little teddy bear.  


The priceless art treasures, including marble statues like this one, displayed in the mansion were breathtaking. 

Do you have a favorite Brideshead Revisited? 

Book, first movie or second?

I'm partial to the first movie with Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews. 

Now I want to watch the two movies again!

I will be posting more photos of our trip to England/Wales/Scotland so stay tuned.  

Last night I was fooling around and drew this Mickey Mouse and tried some free motion machine quilting.  

It's going to take some practice but not too bad for my first try.  

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  1. I've never read the book or seen the movies but I'd love to see that castle.

  2. I had a day out at Castle Howard last year with mam and sister it is stunning both indoors and outdoors.