Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blue Doors Around The World

Images Courtesy of Flickr

1. <3 blue doors., 2. My Vacation_0924_1_1, 3. Blaue Tür in Brüssel, 4. Entrance, number 21, Chapel St., 5. Blue Door - Dublin, 6. 081111 Toledo 79, 7. Blue Door, 8. unchain my heart, 9. Blue Door

We don't have a Blue Door but I sure wish we did after finding these fantastic images on Flickr.

We just had our dark green shutters repainted last year and they go with our front door so we don't plan to change our color anytime soon.  I love the weathered doors in No. 6 & 8!  

 Please join Mary at The Little Red House (here) for more Mosaic Monday!

Happy Father's Day!

My sweet Dad is in you Daddy!

Me and My Dad

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  1. I love doors ... especially blue ... I have a blue door. I lived in New Mexico for many years and a blue door is a *spirit* thing for many ... invite the good spirits in and keep the bad ones out! Happy Mosaic Monday!

  2. I had a blue door on my other home - the shade was called Biscayne Blue, it made me think of Florida with every turn of the key. xo.

  3. Beautiful! Mine is pale blue...I love any color as long as it's blue, so I love your post!

  4. Happy Fathers' Day from RetroCollage! Free gift! Subscribe & receive a free Fathers' Day Instant Ancestors collage!

  5. I`m another blue door fan - shutters too!
    What a sweet photos of you and your dad - the look between you is lovely.

  6. Beautiful mosaic, love all your doors. Enjoy your week.

  7. great collection of blue doors. They are always so interesting to photograph overseas. I saw a huge framed picture all of doors once - fabulous. I love the texture and detail in middle right pic.
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. Love your mosaic!!
    I also love doors!