Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dawson Creek & the Alaska Highway...FINALLY

We finally made it to the beginning of the Alaska Highway on June 8, 2010 (my hubby's birthday).  The Alaska Highway starts in the town of Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada.  Here's the  mile marker sign above showing "Mile O".

It was an overcast day but not raining when we arrived.   We set up our RV in the Mile "0" RV Park and came back here to get pictures.  Dawson Creek is a fairly decent size town - population around 12,000.

This is Mile "Zero" Monument in downtown Dawson Creek.  The first monument was first built in 1946 but has been replaced since then.

Hubby in the "Alaska Highway House" in downtown Dawson Creek.  This is a very nice museum whose focus is on the building of the Alaska Highway (started in 1942).  Eleven thousand men worked on putting a military road through the wilderness to Alaska to aid the defense of US and Canada during WWII.

We took a break for lunch at the cute "Hug A Mug" restaurant.

This fantastic ocean mural was air bushed by a local artist.  Food was great too.

Several of the alleyways were painted with interesting murals.  This alley is painted as store fronts.

The artist even painted a kitty looking out of a window on the second floor!

Isn't the Alaska Hotel cute?

Me at the historic Mile O marker.

We celebrated hubby's birthday later in our RV.  Sorry... but we mainly use paper plates when traveling - no fancy china here.  LOL.  Hubby must have his favorite...chocolate cupcake.

I settled for a blueberry cupcake.  It was delicious!

I'm joining our host Mary at the Little Red House for Mosaic Monday too.  Please stop in at Mary's blog (here) to see more Mosaic Mondays.

Thanks for joining us at Dawson Creek and the start of the Alaska Highway.  The Alaska Highway is more than 1,400 miles.  Stay tuned for more to come as we head up the road north to Alaska.

Saturday we stopped at the Toad River RV Park for the night on our way to Watson Lake, British Columbia, Canada.  Tonight we are in Baby Nugget RV Park near Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada.  We are getting closer to Alaska.   Wow-can't believe we are in the YUKON!  Tomorrow will be a travel day up to Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada where we plan to stay maybe three nights so we can do some sightseeing and housekeeping duties.   Happy Trails to You!  

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  1. Wonderful pictures! Those cupcakes look delicious.;) Looks like you are having our Scandinavian weather.;) I bet you will enjoy the Alaskan white nights.,)

  2. Looks like a great trip. We're heading that way in August to do one of the Alaska cruises with members of our horticultural society.

  3. Happy Birthday hubby, thanks for taking us on your travel. Love the painted alley. Have a great week.

  4. Hi, Fantastic photos! Wowww! Thank you so much for sharing them today. I hope that you have a lovely new week!

  5. Glad you are making such a fun journey and the town looks adorable especially the fish mural. Safe and fun journey and Happy Birthday to your husband. Those cupcakes look amazing!

  6. Thanks for taking us along on your trip. It looked like it was going to rain that day. Hope you are have some good weather as you go along. I am sure it is really interesting up there.

  7. What a wonderful trip, I would love to do that Alaskan highway drive. Wonderful photos and mosiac!

  8. Looks like fun. My parents drove the Alaska highway about 15 years ago now and had such a good time. I hope you get some nice sunny weather for June 21st.

  9. What a great trip - stay safe on that highway!

  10. amazing pictures!!!
    I have never been to alaska or any where overseas...
    so your pictures are wonderful to see...
    happy birthday to your husband...
    Have a wonderful holiday...

  11. happy birthday to your hubby! it sure looks like you are having a wonderful time!

  12. Canada and Alaska are very high on my wish-list and your wonderful photos are reinforcing my "must get there" Thanks for sharing