Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Red & White Doily Stool Cover

Is anyone else as tired of this weather as I am?

Dark gray fall/winter clouds with heavy rain, then the sun comes out and then heavy rain again…

That's what we have been having the last week or so.

Until today that is...which was lovely but I doubt it will last.

I found two delightful doily stool cover patterns the other day.

Right after I purchased two wooden counter height stools at Target for $15.89 apiece! 

Here's the link to the free pattern:


Speaking of RED which you know I love.

The colors in our new home are mainly blue and grayish blue with pops of red and some yellow.

I fell in love with this pair of canvas paintings (another Target purchase).

Stay tune to see where I hang them.

Now back to crocheting.

This doily stool cover was fun to crochet.

Here's the finished project.

I don't know how practicable this crocheted cover is…even the designer of the item said it will move around when sat on.

But it sure is pretty! 

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  1. Hi Sandy, stool cover is cute, I would not stand on it if it moves around. May was beautiful weather daily with no rain, we seem to be making up for it in June. But it has been warm, a/c has been on, way too early for me, lol. It starts out sunny, then we get a late afternoon or early evening downpour, then sun comes back out.

  2. ha! I get crochetsomnia!
    those are super cute seat covers!
    I think I've missed some posts... I'll have to back up through your feed and see. Stand by for a string of comments!
    Oh, and we are getting Tropical Depression Bill ...all over the yard!
    Rain, rain go away....
    come again, NEXT May!