Wednesday, September 10, 2014

One More For the Road…Happy Camper!

 I couldn't resist embroidering one more towel for the White Elephant Gift Exchange at the RV Rally & Show in Hershey this week.

I googled "campfires" and chose this clip art and downloaded it into my TruEmbroidery Software to convert to an embroidery design.

Then I printed out the pattern in it's actual size.

That helps to place it properly on the towel.

I added some lettering because we are all "Happy Campers" at the rally.

I changed the thread colors slightly too.

Notice my first design said "Happy Camping" by mistake so I redid it to read "Happy Camper"!

My Hubby likes this one too.

If we don't do the gift exchange I'll going to give them to our club president because she works so hard for all us club members.

So true…isn't it!

The media loves to tell us all the bad things going on around the world but there is a lot of good going on too.

We all need to laugh more.  

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  1. So cute, Sandy. It is nice that you have all these things going on!