Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hope Springs Eternal

Yesterday we drove to Cabela's, a huge fishing and hunting store, that is about two hours north of us.

We ate lunch at a nearby Cracker Barrel and then shopped from noon to three o'clock…mainly looking for lightweight summer rain jackets for our upcoming trip to Italy.

We hit rush hour traffic coming home…it took us three hours to get home!

We pick up some takeout for supper and needless to say I was pooped after five hours in the car plus three hours shopping and went to bed before ten o'clock.

The photos are my latest "Party with Patrick" project for April…

Hope Springs Eternal.

I did something different on this quilted piece.
I quilted four different flower designs around the butterflies.

Aren't they cute?

I love the fabrics I picked.

 I really enjoyed sewing, quilting and appliquéing this mini wall hanging. 

The background fabrics all have butterflies in them and I love how the appliqué butterflies pop out with the bright chevron fabrics (purchased at Joanne's Fabric Store). 

What do you think of the striped binding? 

It's in the same color way as the other fabrics and adds even more interest.  

We've had mostly rain, some sun and overcast cloudy days with a cool breeze so far this month.  

I sure "hope" SPRING springs eternal...someday!
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  1. Hope is always good, Sandy! That was some day. xo

  2. I think I would love five hours of uninterrupted car time so I could knit. Love all of your quilted pieces.

  3. Don't worry the hawkers sell big plastic ponchos when it rains....... And they're everywhere !

  4. Hi Sandy,
    I love your new project for April! I just bought a new sewing machine and I am learning how to applique, I really love how yours has turned out! Also how fun you are going to Italy what a glorious trip that is going to be.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  5. I really like the stripe fabric and think it quite textural as it looks like a fringe on first view. Maybe in reality it doesn't but rigger way I love a stripe :-)
    Tracey xx