Tuesday, September 24, 2013


It's me again. 

Back to tell you more about our road trip out WEST. 

It's late at night.

I'm awake so I decided to post about our second visit to Yellowstone National Park since the 1970s.  

We're in West Virginia tonight.  And hope to be home late tomorrow.  This is our 21st day on the road. 

Yellowstone is one of the most beautiful parks in our country and did you know it was the first national park thanks to Teddy Roosevelt?  

Of course a visit is not complete unless you see Old Faithful.  We watched it erupt four times.  Unfortunately it was a cloudy day so the photos are not as dramatic if we had had blue skies.  

We stayed at Fishing Bridges Campground, a commercial campground  inside the park, and the only campground with full hook ups and electricity.  Yellowstone is a huge park, the size of a small state.   We spent hours driving around to see everything with our campground as the hub to come back to every night.  

The Old Faithful Inn is a must to see too.

 We were thrilled to have lunch there in their dining room.  

Take a look at this beautiful inn right next to Old Faithful. 

All the old timbers and high ceiling and look at that stone fireplace!

We had forgotten that there were geysers  basins all over Yellowstone.  

So many it amazes you.  

And the wildlife!  We saw Mule Deer, a Black Bear, a herd of Pronghorn, Coyotes and hundreds of Buffalo!  

Many up close and personal!  

We never got tired of seeing these magnificent animals. 

Another highlight was the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. 

It is just stunning with its waterfalls and we saw a baby Ospray  in its nest high up atop a tree.  

We were lucky a nice lady took our photo at the Lower Falls.  

This is the Yellowstone River.  We stopped one day and ate lunch in our van next to it.  

We spent three and a half days at Yellowstone and we still didn't see it all.  

There was a huge fire in Yellowstone in 1988 that threatened the Old Faithful Inn.   Years later the burned areas are coming back with Poletree pines.  You can still see the burnt pines sticking up out of the new pines.     

This is Mammoth Springs...we learned there are no geysers here. 

There is even a geyser basin next to the Yellowstone Lake!  


We loved our time in Yellowstone!

Oh, I forgot...we also saw Elk!   

Thanks for coming along with us.   If you have never seen this national park we highly recommend it.  

I better get back to sleep we have one more long driving day before we reach home tomorrow.  Next up is the Grand Tetons so stay tuned.  
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  1. Lovely photos of what looks like a great trip. Love the photos of both of you too !

  2. Wow, you and Jeff can have a travel show of your own. Such great photos, too. I hope to see this park one day. Safe travel home. PA misses you! lol xo

  3. I am so happy for the two of you being able to take this wonderful trip together. Your photos are breath-taking. That sky is so blue . . . I have to say that my favorite photo is the one of you holding each other hands and the sweet smiles on your faces. Isn't love grand :)
    It is nice to hear that you are almost safely home. Vacations are great, but your bed is going to feel marvelous tonight.
    There's no place like home.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. Oh My!! I have never seen photos like that of Yellowstone National Park and I had no idea it was so vast! We would love to travel West someday.
    xo rachel