Friday, December 2, 2011

Cheap & Cute - Mr. Rainbow Snowman

Introducing Mr. Rainbow Snowman!

My new Christmas front door decoration.

I was inspired by all of the beautiful Snowman Door Wreaths shown on Pinterest such as these two...

First I thought I would do the Snowman out of green wreaths which I thought would look smashing on the my red paper wrapped front door.

But then I decided that white wreaths would POP even more with the red paper background.  

So off to Michaels I went to hunt for the wreaths.  Well, there were no white wreaths at all and there weren't green wreaths in the three sizes I needed.  

Instead Hubby and I found some white styrofoam circles in the three sizes that would fit on our front door.   I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I wanted something that would store easily out of season so home we came with the styrofoam circles. 

Now to dress my Snowman.  
The red and white hat is mine as are the cute Christmas gloves.  And my crocheting bloggers may recognize my Rainbow Ruffle Scarf that I recently made. 

Sorry I wasn't able to take photos as I worked on Mr. Snowman.  First I tried to glue large magnets on the back of the styrofoam circles with styrofoam glue but that didn't work.  So I got my Hubby's duct tape and duct taped the magnets to the back of the styrofoam circles.  I also stuck some sewing pins in the duct tape and styrofoam to help hold the duct tape more firmly.  

I cut out circles in black felt for the buttons, eyes and mouth and added an orange felt nose...glued down with styrofoam glue.  

For the arms I used some small 4th of July flags sticking the ends into the styrofoam and rolling up the flag and putting the flag ends into the gloves.

I used several large magnets to hold the hat, gloves and scarf in place.  

In the end the only supplies I had to buy was the styrofoam circles and glue... everything else I used were items we had on hand already.

In case you are wondering the red paper background is attached to the front door by magnets too.   I hang it in our basement to the ductwork with the magnets when stored out of season.  

Mr. Rainbow Snowman says "Merry Christmas"!

Our home sits back from the street so I like to have something larger on the front door otherwise you can't see it from the road.

Hubby put a spotlight on the front door so it shows up at night nicely too.  

What do you think?  

Is Mr. Rainbow Snowman cute or not?  

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  1. Oh he came out real nice Sandy.

  2. Yes, he is very cute, you made a brilliant job of your Rainbow Snowman, I bet he will give lots of smiles.
    Carol xx

  3. That is the cutest snowman I've seen!!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley